There are two kinds of people who actually find in the world today apart from all the categorisations. The ones who are fighting obesity and weight issues and other category are ones who are trying to gain weight but appear extremely emaciated.

This all begins from not eating right, leading a sedentary lifestyle, not exercising, piling on processed or junk food, medications, drinking, smoking, doing drugs, following fads etc.

Quick fix methods don’t work and it can be hazardous to one’s health. Let’s deal with weight loss issues which a majority of the people have. Going to the gym, eating superfoods and getting health checkups will not solve some of your weight issues. Some of the fat in the body is tough to lose and there various weight loss supplements that are available to help you solve your problem. One of them being green bean coffee diet which claims to be the answer for you weight loss problems.

What is green bean coffee

The green bean is unroasted coffee from which an extract called chlorogenic acids and other anti oxidants are found along with caffeine.

The green coffee bean extract is void of caffeine and it is vital ingredient for the weight loss issues. It helps to increase the metabolism of a person form 3-11%. Which is quite significant for helping to lose weight.

How it works

Studies have been conducted which show that it decreases the absorption of carbohydrates in the body hence decreasing the blood sugar spikes.

It has also been observed in rats on whom the extract of green coffee bean was used that they lost weight absorbed less fat from food, reduced the fat stored in the liver and also activated the fat reducing hormone.

The lowering of heart disease was also seen as the good cholesterol increased and improved the overall health of the heart by the presence of triglycerides which are good for cardiac health.

When studies were conducted on humans it was shown that people consumed extract of green coffee bean with their routine diet saw a significant weight loss compared to the other who drank normal coffees.

Though the studies were of authentic nature but it cannot be fully taken as the guide for consuming extract of green coffee bean because it was funded by companies who were in the coffee industry. Hence there could be a chance of bias. Therefore different health research bodies who have no association with the coffee industry should take up the research further and validate the claims.

Dosage of green coffee bean extract

As there aren’t sufficient studies done, hence we don’t have an exact dosage that could be taken by people but in the few studies done so far it was the 120-300mg of chlorogenic acid would be present in the intake of a particular individual throughout the day.

So the real take away from this is that the presence of chlorogenic acid will determine how much you have to consume per intake. Hence it is better to read the instructions on the bottle before consumption.

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