Creative Design: What Makes a Great Logo

For those tasked with designing a logo, it’s never an easy job. After all, even some of the simplest logos required a great deal of time and effort in order to design – as a matter of fact; you’ll find that most of the simpler logos took more time than you might have expected. Considering the fact that businesses take their brands very seriously, it’s understandable why specific logos look like they were simple to many but took a substantial amount of time and resources to create.

That said, what exactly makes a great logo? Why do certain types of designs stand out when compared to the rest? How is a brand able to become popular with a minimalist approach? These are all questions that need answering if you’re going to be designing an effective logo. It goes double for those who intend to use their design for garment t shirt printing. Here are just a few qualities that make a logo great.

The minimalist approach is often the best one

It can be tempting to put as much as you can in a logo, as it’s easy to assume that most inspired designs have plenty of things going on in the picture. However, you’ll find that the opposite is true. Some of the most inspired designs are relatively simple, able to convey multiple ideas without merging too many plans. One of the things that make a great logo is that most fantastic designs tend to be simple in nature. Being able to combine two solid ideas into one single picture while adding in as little as possible.

Vibrant colours are the way to go

Just as people are attracted to minimalist designs, so too they are drawn to vibrant colours. While it would only be a waste to utilise as many colours as possible just for the sake of it, if you’re able to incorporate intense tones without making the logo look too jumbled, it transforms the picture into something else entirely. Whereas you need a minimalist approach in order to provide a clear message, using vibrant colouring is the best way to get people to turn their heads.

A great logo has symmetry

While asymmetrical designs can be attractive in their own right, you’ll find that most people are drawn to balance in logo design. We might not realise it, but our eyes are instinctively drawn to symmetry, as most of us find such a design pleasant. It’s true that many plans that go against the grain have also grown to be great in their own right, but you’ll have a much easier time if you focus on symmetry.

To conclude, what makes a logo great is simplicity, colour and symmetry. If you’re able to incorporate all three, you’ll be able to create a logo that people can’t help but be drawn to. You’ll be able to quickly convey the message of your logo, the instant they glance at your design.


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