How to Choose a Sweet White Wine

Choosing a wine is done to suit the preferences of the wine connoisseur. Therefore, when you select a sweet white wine, you need to carefully review the wines being offered and select a wine that best conveys your personal drinking choices.

Today, sweet wines that are white are increasing in popularity. As a result, sweet variants such as Marsanne, Semillon, and Pinot Grigio are being offered of traditional dry whites. The drinks are ideal for summer gatherings as their sweet and fizzy characteristics are ideal for pairing with fruity desserts.

Chenin Blanc

One of the wines that is well-recognised is Chenin Blanc. This wine is light-bodied in nature and is one of the most versatile of the whites. Whether you like a wine that is dry, sweet, or sparkling, you will enjoy Chenin Blanc. The wine’s acidic apple-type tang works well when serving any white meat entree.


Although most Rieslings are dry, you can find sweet Rieslings as well. This wine should not be bypassed as it is one of the most vibrant drinks of all the best sweet white wines on the market. You can serve this wine with such cold dishes as sashimi, shellfish, and salads.


Marsanne can be compared to a sweet Semillon or Chardonnay. The varieties of this white wine are made by using grapes that have been dried in the sun. You can easily pair a Marsanne wine with seafood, salads, and white meat entrees.


If you are seeking one of the less alcoholic whites, then Moscato is an ideal choice. This refreshing white wine is in fact unforgettable when sweetness is added. The zingy citrus-type wine is made from fully ripened grapes and barrel-aged to give it its distinctive taste. You can complement such foods as cheese or dessert with this one-of-a-kind after-dinner digestif.

Pinot Gris or Grigio

Pinot Gris is a wine that is now featured as a sweet wine, but was originally made dry. This competitive wine goes well with shellfish, oysters, and pasta. Many winemakers like to use sun-dried grapes when making this wine.


Semillon has been grown for several centuries. However, it still remains low-key among wine selections. The sweet varieties of Semillon are noted for their peachy tones, which are often savoured along with seafood, pork, and antipasto dishes.


Whilst the grapes were originally grown in Portugal, the grapes for Verdelho are also grown by winemakers in Australia. In fact, winemakers in the land down under claim to have perfected the medium sweetness of this white wine. Best served chilled, this wine possesses caramel and coffee tones that add to the taste of meat dishes and spicy Asian-type fare.


This wine is noted for its pungent odour so you don’t have to be a wine aficionado to recognise this particular white wine. The wine, which can range from very dry to very sweet, is produced in the Clare Valley and Tasmania in Australia. Drinking Gewürztraminer, in fact, tends to take the edge off of spicy dishes.

By reviewing the above sweetened white wines, you can better choose a drink for a gathering, meal, or party. Naturally, there is no one right or wrong wine to choose. Much depends on your unique tastes and the wine’s attributes and personality.

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