How to Know if You are Selecting the Proper Windsock for Your Specific Purpose and Requirements

We all know that we can use windsocks for a range of purposes, and we are often very familiar with them at airports and other aviation facilities. But windsocks are also widely utilised in medical transport (in helipads on top of hospitals, for example), and we can also use them for oil rigs and petrochemical plants. Apart from this, you can find windsocks in facilities such as offshore platforms, in farms, in prisons, and in ports and harbours. If you need windsocks for your facility, you should be able to choose the correct one. First, you have to think about the supplier of the windsock, and you have to think about various specifications as well as materials. Following are some tips on how to know if you are selecting the proper windsock for your specific purpose and requirements.

Check the supplier

First of all, you need to verify the supplier’s credibility and reliability. Although you can easily purchase windsocks from a myriad of suppliers nowadays, are you sure the supplier is credible and can offer you safe and efficient as well as durable windsocks? The supplier you choose for your windsocks should have a good history in the business and should make use of the highest quality materials as well. A good supplier can also offer you a diverse range of windsocks as well as windsock pole masts and other windsock accessories – virtually everything you need to set up a proper windsock and make use of it in the right way.

Think about the specifications

In the United Kingdom as well as in other countries such as the US, authorities may require detailed specifications for windsocks, especially in regard to safety. These specifications include the material used, the details of mounting, and the calibration. When looking for a supplier for your windsocks and windsock accessories, you should confirm whether the supplier adheres to these specifications as well.

Consider the materials

If you want your windsock to last for a long time, quality is of prime importance. The materials used for the windsock should be durable and long-lasting, and it should also be able to withstand extreme winds and weather. Some of the best materials for windsocks include high-quality nylon as well as reinforced rubber. You shouldn’t neglect the materials used for the windsock poles, either. For this, your choices include steel, aluminium, and fibreglass, which also come in different styles such as free-standing and wall-mounted.

Here’s another tip: if you are planning to use windsocks for aviation purposes, they should be lightweight but still be able to handle strong winds. Reinforced polyester could be a great material for this purpose, and there are also heavy-duty and robust windsocks which are of synthetic rubber that can resist strong ultraviolet rays or light or toxic or chemical fumes.

Do you need to have it customised?

As a standard, windsocks come in bright (also called day glow) orange. But the colour may change based on the company requirements or the requirements of the industry. You can have customised windsocks as well, and they can serve a secondary decorative purpose where you can also have your company’s logo printed. Some windsock suppliers may also offer to look for other materials to suit your purpose or requirements.

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