It has been long and finally, you have made up your mind to have your very own laptop. But do you have enough knowledge regarding the laptops? Have you planned already—whether you want to buy a large-size laptop or a small one is fine; whether it should have MAC or Windows as its operating system? Questions are many, and well; answers are available too. It is not hard to buy laptops online anymore.

Problem arises when you have to choose between so many laptops, and when you have very little knowledge about a decent laptop. There are many essential tips which you should know before you begin your search either online or offline.

Following are 8 essential tips, which will definitely make your task easy and well, you will be able to buy laptops online even:

  1. BUDGET PLANNING: The first thing which should be well-planned, is your budget. Before you go to buy a laptop, you must make up your mind and stick to a certain price range that will ease your difficulty. Budget planning should be based on the type of work you will be doing on your laptop; if you are looking for a normal laptop, then budget should be average while if you need a laptop for writing, office or other purposes, then it must be of a decent budget.

Next point which is really important while buying a laptop is your decision about the operating system. Laptops with Windows OS are more affordable in comparison with MAC based laptops. Windows laptops are easy to use, and their recent version is also available with latest features, which is praise worthy. On the other hand, MAC laptops are really easy to use yet quite expensive to buy but give higher performance ratings than Windows laptops.

  1. CHOOSING RIGHT PROCESSOR: This point solely depends on the type of work you will be taking from your laptop. High tasks which include video editing, high-end gaming, writing, etc. needs a better processor and graphics. So, this should be kept in mind while buying a laptop.

If you want a compact yet lightweight laptop, then a laptop of 11-12 inch will suit you comfortably. However, one may find such laptops difficult to work with due to their smaller screen size and keyboard. Those laptops which have 13 to the14-inch screen can easily maintain a balance between usability and portability. However, the most popular among these all is a 15-inch screen size laptop, which is no doubt perfect for anyone. Last but not least, 17-18 inch screen laptops, which are very much suitable for those, who need a bigger screen for working.

  1. A NORMAL ONE OR A 2-IN-1: Laptops which can act as a laptop or can also switch to a tablet are 2-in-1 laptops and are widely in use these days. The two-in-one laptops come in two types including detachable ones with screens that can be detached easily from the laptop and flexible ones with hinges that can bend back to change modes. However, it is not very necessary to buy these if you can make out your work easily with traditional ones.

Having knowledge about batteries is very important as this will greatly affect the performance of your laptop later. Always check whether the battery is removable or not, of the laptop you plan to buy. One should research about a laptop’s battery life very deeply and then proceed with their purchase.

  1. KEYBOARD AND TOUCHPAD OF A LAPTOP: Lenovo and Apple provide best keyboards as well as touchpads, but HP and DELL are quite reliable as well as trustworthy too. One must check the functioning of the keyboard as well as touchpad before buying a laptop.
  2. CHOOSE ONLY A TRUSTED BRAND: Many times we happen to buy things on the basis of people’s opinion and not checking anything about them. This should not be done in the case of laptop shopping. One must choose a brand with good after sale service.

This way one can buy a well-suited and good laptop without facing any difficulty. Knowledge is important and when you know enough, then no matter where you buy your laptop from—whether from a popular app like Tata cliq app or a brick and mortar store.

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