What Are The Main Advantages Of Cathodic Protection?

When ships are sailing, they need to be protected against rust, corrosion and saltwater damage. There are several ways that this protection can be achieved, but the most effective way is through a cathodic current.

Why are these systems so popular and what are the main advantages of the system?

The Protection Lasts Longer Than Other Systems

The protection that is given to a ship by cathodic protection in Singapore is going to last for much longer than other systems. This is particularly important when the ship is on a long haul voyage and it will not have any assistance out at sea. Other systems will cease working after a while.

This protection is twenty-four hours around the clock.

The Cathodic Equipment Is Lightweight

When you are piloting a ship, the last thing that you want is for the vessel to be weighed down by heavy equipment. This could make you miss your deadline for delivering goods to a specific port. Instead of using cumbersome equipment to protect the vessel against corrosion, you can use a lightweight cathodic system. Then the ship can travel at a normal speed without any hindrance at all.

The Cathodic System Is Self-Regulating

The cathodic system is self-regulating, so you do not need to be constantly checking up on it to see that everything is working correctly or that the protection has developed a problem. Instead, the system tools will correct any problems for you.

The Cathodic System Increases The Life Of Propellers And Rudders

With well-maintained propellers and rudders, the ship will be able to steer and go forwards without any issues at all. These parts of the ship can be protected against the effects of corrosion when the cathodic system is put into place. Electrolysis is not going to have an impact on these important parts of the ship once the anti-corrosion system has been put into place.

Only One Installation Will Be Required

You do not have to have new cathodic systems installed every time that you are going on a new voyage. Instead, the cathodic protection system only needs to be installed once and will need an inspection every six months to a year. This inspection will confirm that everything is in good working order and that you do not need to have the system repaired or replaced.

The Cathodic System Is Suitable For All Types Of Vessels

The cathodic system of protection is known for its diversity. Rather than just being suitable for large vessels, it can also be applied to small ships, workboats and semi-submersibles. This ensures that any type of craft is going to have all the protection that it needs, rather than having to face a corrosion problem as it is travelling.

When you install a cathodic system, you will be giving your ship the optimum amount of protection. Look at different providers before you make the final choice on which company to choose.

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